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Call or Text (201) 394-2911   Chris@Colorbychris.com

Welcome to my site!

I currently live in Northern NJ with my husband and 3 children and Maltipoo Puppy; Halle B
ear.  I have been drawing and painting since I was young... it's just always been a part of me.  I've been painting for years and the new areas that are opening up are amazing!  It's a joy to work at something you love and make people happy at the same time!  <3


 In the past few years I have studied with world renowned Face & Body Artists such as  Mark Reid, Jinny, Pashur, Kerry Ann Smith, Sharon Hodges, Kurt Drake, April Powell, Adam Ray, Allison Kenyon, Pam Trent & Heather Banks !!!

I am excited about introducing Henna designs and after coordinating Makeup for High school and grammar school shows including: "CATS" , "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Alice in Wonderland" I am interesting in continuing working with Theater makeup as well!

As I get more design photos of happy, colorful, special individuals, I'll post them for your viewing pleasure and consideration.

Why not add color, sparkles and fun to your next celebration?

At your service,


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